Survival Games are one of the most loved genres by the game players. Why not? The survival game has topped gaming charts over the past few years. Interestingly, they will continue to do so. Don’t believe us? Well, Alan Wake 2 what hides behind the smile testifies to our claims. 

However, we will not talk about the Alan Wake 2 gameplay here. Instead, we will focus on the specific game chapters which are kind of survival puzzles. As a game lover, you will understand how much it matters to solve puzzles when it comes to survival. So, let’s jump to it.

Alan Wake 2 What Hides Behind The Smile

If you are looking to solve the Alan Wake 2 what hides behind the smile puzzle, there’s a Cult Stash near the Huotari Well on the way to the Espresso Express. Once you get close to the Cult Stash, there’s a note with the words what hides behind the smile. If you are clever enough, consider them as a clue to the location of Alan Wake 2’s Coffee Stash Key.

Now that you know where the Cult Stash is, find the Coffee World Stash Key to open it. The note on the stash mentions the key, referring to the smiling coffee pot.

Now you have all the things you need to solve Alan Wake 2 what hides behind the smile puzzle. As you open the Coffee World Stash, you will unlock Hand Flare, Handgun Ammo, and Shotgun Ammo. Remember, there are other Cult Stashes in Watery, so keep an eye out near the Trailer Pak.

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Riddle

The Alan Wake 2 rock tree riddle might initially seem unclear, but it holds the key to a Cult Stash code. These stashes are spread across the game and contain valuable items like ammo or health packs. One of them even holds a crossbow, so it’s worth deciphering the codes to access them.

After a specific event in the main story, look for the container when the water has drained from the Cauldron Lake area. You’ll find it on the bank of the small stream south of the Private Cabin. Use your flashlight to spot two sums painted on a rock ahead and a tree to your left. Look for the third one across the stream on another rock.


The survival game genre has gained immense popularity among players, as evidenced by titles like Alan Wake 2. The Alan Wake 2 What Hides Behind the Smile puzzle will lead you to a Cult Stash near the Huotari Well, where deciphering clues reveal the Coffee Stash Key. 

Similarly, the Alan Wake rock rock tree riddle hints at a code for another Cult Stash. The rewarding nature of decoding these puzzles throughout the game makes this Alan Wake 2 digital only a unique experience.
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What Is Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Code?

The Alan Wake 2 rock rock tree code is 658. This is derived by adding the numbers associated with the rocks (3+3 and 7-2) and the tree (6+2) mentioned in the note, following the specified order.

Is Alan Wake 2 On Game Pass?

Currently, Alan Wake 2 is not accessible on Xbox Game Pass. The game is not part of the subscription service at the moment. However, Alan Wake 2 is available separately and is optimized for the Xbox X/S series.

Can You Play Alan Wake 2 Without Playing 1?

Strictly speaking, playing Alan Wake 1 is not required before enjoying Alan Wake 2. However, if you want to enjoy the sequel, it is better to play the first part of Alan Wake 2.


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