The fires of the forges in Diablo IV burn with renewed vitality, fueled by blacksmiths crafting steel for Sanctuary’s finest warriors. Throughout the land, the legions of Hell gather and multiply, amassing their power to prey upon unsuspecting wanderers who fall victim to their hellish onslaught. Season 4: Fresh Loot in Diablo IV begins immediately following the public test realm on May 14th at 7 pm CEST. Harness the revamp in items and new systems regarding Anointing and Augmenting to transform a notable blade into a fearsome weapon. Across all world levels, the Hell’s Teeth mechanic is reborn: slay monstrosities to increase your threat level, ensuring that the Hellish Flood sees you as loot. Prepare to fight side by side with the Iron Wolves, a seasoned mercenary group aiming to eradicate the evils.

Diablo 4

Updated Item System:

One of our goals for item changes is to make it easier to understand what items are improvements when they drop. We have reduced the number of affixes on items (to 3 on legendary items, 2 on rare items) and made those affixes more impactful. Instead of seeing an affix based on a situational value (+10% damage to unharmed elite enemies), you’ll see affixes that roughly increase your base movement speed or individual ranks of a core skill. Dropped items should be easier to evaluate, and we have shifted their complexity and customization into our new crafting systems of anointing and augmenting, which we explain in more detail below.

We have also increased the general power level of these affixes to make them feel more impactful! As items themselves become more powerful, we have significantly reduced the number of items that slain monsters will drop. The goal is for players to spend more time in combat rather than sorting through the many items that drop. As a result, overall fewer items will drop but these items are more likely to be valuable. To compensate for this and stay in line with normal items, the crafting materials obtained through salvage have been adjusted. Additionally, Forgotten Souls can now be earned through whispers caches and dropped with rare chance from all elite enemies. The gold costs to reroll items at the Mystic now have a ceiling value, and we have reduced the amount of materials needed for all activities with the Blacksmith.


World Level affects item rarity:

The rarity of an item you find is now directly impacted by the World Level you’re in. Sacred or higher items will only drop in World Level III, and Fabled items will only appear in World Level IV. Similarly, Ancient items that drop from monsters with level 95 above will always be 925 power items. However, be on the lookout for Unique items; some may appear in World Levels I and II. Unique items each have a chance to drop at World Level III, and Over-Uniques can appear once you kill level 55+ monsters with maximum item power.

Reimagined Codex of Power:

Aspects extracted from legendary items will now be stored in the Codex of Power and can be used indefinitely. Instead of taking up inventory space, the Codex of Power serves as a library that stores your most powerful version of that extracted aspect, which can be used as frequently as desired. The Codex of Power displays all available aspects, allowing you to spend more time chasing the highest possible aspect. Once an aspect has reached its maximum roll, a specific border signifies that the aspect is completed.

Aspects can now be favorited in the Codex of Power, and a tooltip will indicate whether you have already equipped that aspect when searching within the codex. Please note that your Codex of Power will be reset at the end of the season in the seasonal realm, and your learned aspects will carry over to the eternal realm. If you have already learned the same aspect in the eternal realm, the Codex of Power will keep the higher of the two. When finding an Anointing Scroll and learning it, blacksmiths across Sanctuary can use these scrolls to anoint your items. Anointing allows you to add powerful affixes to your item. Anointing Scrolls can be found naturally throughout your character’s journey. Once learned, they can be used as much as desired (like the new change to the Codex of Power). Each anointing scroll contains a number of affixes, and they typically cover six categories: Weapon, Offense, Defense, Mobility, Utility, and Resource. Simply bring your item to the blacksmith to anoint it and add one of the available affixes, significantly reducing the time it takes for your weapon to roll the affix you want. Eternal items can have two anointed affixes from different categories! Remember, an item can’t be transformed into an anointed item—its wondrous power must be discovered.

Augmenting — Refining your weapon to untold realms:

With the rarest materials procured from the deepest mines and caves, you can further enhance your weapons to reach the peak of their potential. Augmenting is an end game crafting system that allows the use of dredged materials earned in the Forge of the Master to enhance your weapons. Augmenting boosts the power of all affixes on your weapon, and every fourth rank, one of your equipped affixes is significantly improved. The affix receiving the bonus will be flagged as blue. If an affix is improved again, it will turn yellow, and in rare cases, it may turn orange if it is improved for a third time. Once you’ve reached the maximum augmentation of a weapon and are not satisfied with its enhancements, you can reset it and start the process anew.

Great Affixes:

Great Affixes only appear on legendary and unique Ancient items and are 1.5 times more powerful versions of normal affixes. Items with Great Affixes make a specific sound when dropped to draw attention to them and feature a unique symbol in the world and in your inventory. Every affix on an item has a chance to be a Great Affix in World Levels III and IV. You cannot transform an affix into a Great Affix, their marvelous power can only be discovered.

Refined Gems:

Gems in Diablo IV are simpler, more straightforward, and more effective in your character journey. Raw Gems have been removed and crafting tiers have been reset. Normal gems are available at level 51, Flawless at level 71, and Royal at level 91. All resistance values of Diamonds have been increased. Topazes will now provide more Intelligence, Sapphires will provide more Willpower, Amethysts will increase your Strength, and Emeralds will grant additional Dexterity.

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