When you are shopping for a gaming microphone, whether online or by visiting the electronics market, then you don’t just look at the price tag and buy a gaming microphone because it is cheap. Many other factors go into buying of microphone that you should consider.

Analog or USB microphone

When it comes to gaming microphones, there are two options, analog and USB. Analog mics work when you plug them into the 3.5mm jack. If you have a gaming laptop, it comes with a combo jack already occupied by your headphones, leaving no space for the mic. Then you should use a USB mic.

If you are using a PC with separate inputs for the mic and headphones, you can connect various hardware like an amp with your mic. However, if you are not using an amp or an audio interface, you rely on your motherboard’s built-in audio controller, which is probably not the best option.


The frequency of a gaming microphone is defined in a range that the mic hears and records. Also, the human ear has the same functionality with a frequency range of 20–20,000 Hz. Some mics can have the same range, but it is uncommon for a mic to go higher than the human ear. Range implies the kind of frequency the mic will pick up. The mic does not record or pick up sound that is lower or higher than the given frequency range. After graphics cards, PC headphones and microphones play an essential role in the gaming experience.

Build quality and feel

The build quality also matters when buying a PC gaming mic. Make sure that the gaming mic is light and adjustable. If it comes your way and you find it hard to move, you will not feel easy. However, if you prefer a pc mic with a stand, it may not be close enough to your mouth. If you use a pc mic with clips, then it might not attach to your clothes. These are the factors that you should keep in mind when you are buying a gaming microphone. 

What works for you depends on your pc gaming setup and your choices. As you don’t buy microphones every day, you need to think about how you will use your mic before you actually buy one.


PC mics pick voices from different directions. A unidirectional mic only picks up a sound that is coming from one direction. A unidirectional mic is useful if you are looking to avoid background noise. For that purpose, direct the pc mic at yourself, and it will only pick your voice. The most commonly used unidirectional mics are the cardioid microphone. 

Omnidirectional microphones are a second type of microphone. They take audio from all directions. If you have a noisy backdrop, you should avoid using an omnidirectional mic because you will receive a lot of background noise. The type of microphone you select depends on how you use it. A cardioid mic should be enough if you intend to use it for pc gaming. You can consult the list if you want which PC gaming microphone to Buy.


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