As a video game enthusiast, it is always exciting whenever the new games comes around. The gaming nerds go crazy and even the nerdier ones wait for months for their favourite title to drop off. But there are some games which are not franchised, or series based, instead they are a whole new work built around a new idea and sometimes even built up by a new star up or new gaming studio. No matter if you are a crazy buff about games or you have just bought a new console, be it Xbox or PlayStation, we have compiled a list of some of our new favourite titles so you can enjoy them without fussing over which game to play!

Video Games to Play on Xbox and PlayStation

Firing up an Xbox or PlayStation to play another video game for a pleasure or an exciting time with your friends. It is another way of sharpening its prediction skills. Below are the new video games that you can play on Xbox and PlayStation.

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead is a 2022 released multiplayer survival shooter horror game created by the Evil Dead Franchise. The fighting involves a wide variety of equipment with super exciting visuals. It has a number of challenges. The completion of overcoming those challenges involves unlocking new adventurous levels. 

Fantasy Strike

It is a fighting game that involves fantasy all along with martial arts with time, wind, fire, and ghosts as its equipment. It involves thrilling rounds with fighting strategies having simple controls. As soon as the time and levels proceed, the video game becomes adventurously thrilling but like, in a fun way.

Mortal Kombat 11

It is one of the iconic fighting games with outstanding visuals. The graphics and game plays of Mortal Kombat is so perfect that the player remains hooked for hours. For character customization, loot is rich. It also involves training option in which tutorials are provided to players to learn advanced gaming with upgraded machinery.

Back 4 Blood

Another exciting and thrilling first-person shooter video game with the player in the middle of a war! Assault Rifles, Shotguns and submachine guns are present. There are 4 characters and each one of them comes with a set of bonuses!

NBA 2K20.

It’s an amazing basketball-stimulation video game played on Xbox and PlayStation. If you are an NBA enthusiast, you are going to love this experience where you get to have the opportunity to play your favourite players to throw the ball around.

World of Warships: Legends

A war game with immense and epic battles to be fought! The 38 achievements with a 1000 Gamerscore keeps the player hooked. This video game surely deserves all the hype it has received.

Spell break 

A fast-paced classic third-person storytelling shooter game with epic action where players unleash their true fighters with the given inventory. Spell break has an amazing map with secret hiding spaces. Different play styles are also available.

Chivalry 2

Multiplayer first-person action game calling for battles to win! Its visuals are from the middle-age, the buildings‘ settings are utterly magnificent in every way. It involves achieving and unlocking prizes. This unlocking and achieving prize triggers the hormone centre of the player and keeps the player hooked. 

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed

Based on the Ghostbusters media franchise it is a multiplayer action game with amazing gadgets and inventory to fight the ongoing battles!


A crossover fighting game with 2v2 matches using iconic characters with super exciting visuals! It has amazing characters like Black Adam, Morty, The Iron Giant etc. A 64-bit processor is required to download this exciting game with super cool artwork.

EpicRiders Republic

A multiplayer game with never-ending races and exciting fights. If seen from a positive aspect, EpicRiders Republic has thousands of benefits as it involves a variety of challenges. 


It is a first-person shooter game involving multiplayer. A number of hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Quake are available. These cheat codes allow the player to help get rocket launchers, move and loot around with ease.


Multiplayer action game that executes hunting of various monsters. The weapon and armour provided are exhilarating. Dauntless is available on epic game stores and consoles. This becomes the source of meditation for a player. 

Video Games as A Source of Stress Relief

The risk factor and fear of losing sweep in when a person sacrifices himself for long-term achievements. The stress causes exhaustion and drains a person of focus, attention, and relief. As a result, depression barges in. This frustration can be avoided by playing video games.

A person’s confidence when boosted from within is incomprehensible and surely unbeatable. By achieving small tasks, a person feels worthy of winning. He starts putting effort into progress and is not perfect. And isn’t this the only way to move forward and beat the hell out of hardships?

Video games counteract stress by fuelling us with beaten challenges and new unlocked levels. The brain along with the neurotransmitter dopamine involves a psychological pattern called the triumph circuit which helps a person losing it all feel good, happy, and eventually satisfied.

Can You Make Money Just by Playing Video Games On Xbox/PlayStation?

Earning by playing video games is a win-win because what else is more important rather than your passion becoming your profession?

There’s always a chance of winning if you’re good at something. Similarly, if you love to play video games, we got you some good news. You can transform a career out of your healthy obsession with video games. Start live streaming and make a YouTube channel where you guide beginners with ‚how-to-play‘ and ‚what-to-play‘ tutorials. Earn sponsorships by winning tournaments. Make gaming podcasts or write game journalism.


It’s forever been a hot debate if video games are beneficial or harmful but if common sense is kept in the conversation, the answer is obvious. An excess is dangerous. Even if we talk about goodness, a little too much of it risks our happiness. Similar is the case with video games. Video games serve to be the best friends of introverts. The teenagers who aren’t so outgoing and enjoy being by themselves prefer video games.

Whether you are into arcade, role-playing, action, sports or any genres of game, there is a game for everyone that you can choose and start playing!


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