Following the massive success of Anno 1800, Ubisoft is taking fans even further back in time with its latest installment, „Anno 117: Pax Romana.“ Announced at the Summer Game Fest 2024. This new title promises to immerse players in the rich history of the Roman Empire, offering a fresh experience in the beloved Anno series.

Anno 117: Pax Romana a Journey to Ancient Rome

Ubisoft invites gamers to the next virtual history lesson, transporting them further into the past than ever before. With „Anno 117: Pax Romana,“ players will find themselves in the year 117 AD, a time when the Roman Empire was at its peak. As a governor, you will manage cities, expand trade across the Mediterranean and the English provinces, and extend your influence – even through military might if necessary.

Managing and Expanding Your Empire

Fans of the series know that Anno games are all about building and managing thriving cities. In „Anno 117: Pax Romana,“ you will develop your settlements, engage in trade with other regions, and ensure the prosperity of your empire. While Ubisoft has yet to reveal specific gameplay details, the core elements of city management, trade, and expansion are expected to be central to the experience. A brief live-action trailer has already given fans a taste of what’s to come, though detailed gameplay footage and screenshots are still under wraps.

Developed by Blue Byte

The development of „Anno 117: Pax Romana“ is once again in the capable hands of Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio, based in Mainz, Germany. Blue Byte has been responsible for all previous Anno titles since 2009, ensuring continuity and expertise in the franchise. Although it’s still unclear whether the studio will introduce new gameplay mechanics or stick to the successful formula, the new game promises to bring fresh challenges and adventures.

A New Logo and Potential Innovations

One hint of innovation comes from the new logo design, which departs significantly from the traditional Anno aesthetic. This change suggests that the game might not only offer a new historical setting but also introduce innovative gameplay features. The live-action trailer also hints at a release in 2025, with the game available on both PC and consoles. The inclusion of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S logos at the end of the trailer has indicate a release across all platforms.


Community Anticipation and Future Updates

Players are eager to see how the series will evolve with this new historical setting. As Ubisoft releases more information and gameplay footage, fans will undoubtedly gain a clearer picture of what to expect.

„Anno 117: Pax Romana“ is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the Anno series, taking players deep into the heart of the Roman Empire. With its historical setting, city management, and potential new gameplay innovations, it promises to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers. Are you ready to build and manage your Roman Empire? Let us know your thoughts and what you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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