Following the massive success of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet excited to take players even further back in time with their latest expansion, „Janthir Wilds.“ Set to release on August 20, 2024, this new DLC promises to bring fresh content, including new regions, weapons, and exciting gameplay updates. Here’s everything you need to know about Janthir Wilds.

Explore the Wilds of Janthir

Venture north into the wilderness of Janthir in the newest expansion for Guild Wars 2. Following recent significant events, the inhabitants of Tyria are determined to build a new future together. Recognizing the need for cooperation, your allies send you to establish relationships with the Lowland Kodan of Janthir. This dangerous land, once home to the enigmatic Mursaat and their White Mantle followers, is filled with new adventures and challenges.

Story and Release Schedule

The story of Janthir Wilds spans four major releases, starting with the launch on August 20, 2024. The remaining releases will follow quarterly until mid-2025. Each release will bring feature updates, new challenging group content, combat system updates, and more. As you explore the Janthir Isle, you’ll uncover new story chapters and engage in thrilling battles.

Home Instancing: Build Your Own Haven

Your journey will lead you to your own homestead, an account-wide housing instance that you can develop through the new mastery system. Homesteads offer a plot of land and a permanent building that you can cultivate, decorate, and share with friends. You can also use nodes and elements unlocked in your personal story’s home instance. More details on homestead decoration will be revealed before the launch on August 20.

New Weapon: Spears for All Classes

Learn the secrets of the spear from the Lowland Kodan! Previously used only for underwater combat, spears now come with brand-new skills for all classes to use on land. Some classes will wield spears as formidable melee weapons, while others will throw them with deadly precision. Spears can be equipped in both water and land weapon slots, though you’ll need to equip multiple spears for dual use. A legendary spear will also be available in a future release and all unlocked spear skins will work for land combat.

Raids and Combat Challenges

In addition to new story chapters, the three major releases following Janthir Wilds will introduce more challenging combat. The first of these, expected around November 2024, will feature a new raid with three encounters. Players can experience this raid in a traditional 10-player instance or in large groups in open world events. The Convergences system will extend to Janthir, featuring region-specific foes. The first quarter of 2025 will bring a challenge mode and legendary challenge mode for the raid. The final major release will introduce a new fractal and its challenge mode.

Wild Warclaws

Janthir Wilds will introduce new mechanics for the Warclaw mount. Previously available only in World vs. World, the Warclaw will now feature new skills for PvE. WvW skills for the Warclaw will also be revamped and offering a new experience based on player feedback since its debut.

Seasonal Rewards and New Gear

At the launch of Janthir Wilds and with each major release, the Wizard’s Vault will receive seasonal updates, bringing new goals and rewards. Players will work towards two new armor and weapon sets and several other cosmetic rewards. Future releases will introduce even more cosmetic items, including a legendary spear and backpack.

Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the game. With its new regions, story chapters, weapons, and gameplay enhancements, it promises to offer something for every player. Whether you’re a veteran adventurer or new to Tyria, this expansion is sure to provide countless hours of entertainment. Are you ready to explore Janthir Wilds? Let us know your thoughts and what you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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