Who wouldn’t be excited about the Street Fighter 6 release date? We certainly are as the game developer after releasing the trailer and Street Fighter 6 release date. Developers behind Street Fighter announced the release date of Street Fighter 6 at The Game Awards. Street Fighter will release on June 2, 2023, so whether you play on a PC or gaming console, you should be excited as you get closer to Street Fighter 6 download.

Street Fighter 6 Characters

Just like previous versions of Street Fighter, the new Street Fighter base roaster will also include the last characters and some new exciting characters. We discuss Street Fighter each character one by one. 

Although Luke isn’t as new as in Street Fighter 5, he will be a part of the new game, as seen in the Street Fighter trailer. Jamie will be at your controller’s service with all the lively traits and kung fu moves. Kimberly is an entirely new Street Fighter 6 character. Kimberly develops her character after she is impressed by Guy’s ninjitsu fighting skills and eventually learns Bushin arts.

Marisa is muscle-woman Street Fighter 6 character. She is not just the heaviest but the most prominent character of Street Fighter. She is not Hulk, but nothing less, as her punching and kicking abilities are just crazy. Mano appreciates beauty, inspires beauty, and strives to achieve perfection in everything she does. Imagine if you have a ballet dancer, and you mix her up with a judo fighter; Mano is born.

Is JP the ultimate boss in the Street Fighter character? It is because the trailer showed him with mysterious powers with a purple flame. Whether we are going to see him in the early more or Street Fighter Arcade mode, it’s yet to see when we play Street Fighter 6 demo. You can also record the game, and share live on Twitch.

Drive Gauge

Drive Gause is a new meter system that takes hints from every Street Fighter released before. It is a system that pushes you to engage actively as the game moves forward.

The Drive gauge will have six bars, with each Street Fighter having one bar. You can spend the bars enjoying cool stuff, and if you do nothing you may lose it. Else, you may get yourself caught in a punish. Suppose you run out of all six bars, you will enter a Burnout mode and you will have to wait for your bars to refill. As the smart gadgets have gone smarter, so does the games.

In addition, you take chip damage from everything and get stunned if you get caught in a wall splat. 

Burnout may be a good feeling after you hardcore work out but not in a game. So, to avoid burnout, you will have to stay on the offensive all the time. You will have to throw attacks at your opponents, and if they block, your bar will refill.

Street Fighter 6 modes

The latest Street Fighter will be more exciting than its predecessors as it will have three modes. The three gameplay modes in Street Fighter are Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. As the Battle Hub indicates, you can play with up to 100 players. The game will simultaneously be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If you are excited about which games are releasing in 2023, we have already covered the list!


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