We all love playing Fortnite, and why wouldn’t we? It is one of the biggest and the best free games for all platforms to enjoy. However, the game is not available on the App Store due to an ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. However, there are likely chances you will be able to play the game on iOS devices as Epic Games just won an anti-monopoly legal case against Google.  Let’s set aside the legal stuff for another day, and discuss something exciting.

Epic Games for its fifth chapter of Fortnite has partnered with Lego for a new Lego-themed survival crafting mode in the game, which is called Lego Fortnite. This collaboration includes existing Fortnite character skins, and Fortnite Lego sets and was released on December 7.

Lego Fortnite Gameplay

In gaming, Fortnite is known for its constant surprises and unique collaborations. The latest is an exciting partnership with Lego sets. Epic’s announcement of a new survival mode, featuring iconic Lego Minifigures and specially crafted Lego sets is all about the unveiling of a new line of Funko Pops. However, when you dive into the Fortnite Lego mode, you will experience an immersive experience. 

Many survival games in this style resemble the setup seen in Fortnite Lego. Fortnite Lego minifigures punch trees, gather wood, and craft spots, and create better items. When night falls, expect spiders, skeletons, and other monsters that will pose a threat. Here, the Lego Fortnite gets interesting as you have to use a Fortnite Lego set to survive. There are many Lego Fortnite skins available to dodge spiders and monsters.

As the game is new, you should expect some drawbacks. For example, your Fortnite Lego set can’t consume food directly from the inventory menu, and the challenge of creating building surfaces. 

Nevertheless, the gameplay is immersive as your Fortnite Lego minifigures roam around, knock down trees, and create makeshift shelters. The combat is straightforward. All you need is a sword and shield with blocking and dodging, but it feels smooth and responsive.

What’s New

The special Lego Fortnite characters are cool. They’re like small Fortnite Lego minifigures that look like over 1,200 Fortnite character skins. There are more coming too and it seems like turning a Fortnite Lego set into a simple Lego figure is easier than creating a whole new one. Likely, there will also be a Fortnite Lego set with these characters that you can buy in stores.

If you haven’t played Fortnite yet, you can try Lego Fortnite. First, install Fortnite on the Epic Games Store on your PC or your Android smartphone, then pick Lego Fortnite from the main menu. If you’re new, you might be curious about changing Fortnite Lego character skin. In Fortnite, what your character wears determines how they look. So, to stand out in Lego mode, and secure a cool outfit.


The collaboration between Epic Games and Lego for Fortnite Lego brings an exciting Lego-themed survival mode. Released on December 7, this mode features iconic Lego Minifigures and Fortnite Lego sets, offering a unique gaming experience. The partnership introduces special Lego Fortnite characters resembling over 1,200 Fortnite skins, with the potential for accompanying Lego sets. Whether you’re a seasoned Fortnite player or new to the game, the Lego Fortnite mode brings a unique twist.

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